Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is it really bullshit?

Shuffle and deal the cards and play the game like a normal game of BS. The only special rule is the advent of special cards. Special cards only come into play when one player calls Bullshit on another player. If BS is never called, then none of the special cards activate. However, if Bullshit is called, you follow the rules on the Special Cards. You may or may not wish to add the special when stating the quantity of cards placed. However, you do not have to state that a special card was played unless someone calls Bullshit. There is only one special card that doesn’t require anyone to take the played cards to their hand. Player with the Begin Play card starts, and begins on the number one.

Begin Play
Whoever has this card begins the game by laying down whatever amount of cards they wish with whatever number they wish to start with.

End Play
If someone calls Bullshit on you this turn, and you have not lied about the cards you’ve placed, the game ends. The person who called Bullshit takes the played cards, and the player with the least amount of cards is the winner.

State you are playing cards with the same number as the previous player. So long as you play the same number honestly, you are not Bullshiting. Play continues on the number following what you just played.

Skip Ahead
You may play the number that would normally come after the one you are on. So long as you place that number honestly, you are not Bullshiting. Play continues on the number following the one you just played.

This card lets you bullshit. Place up to five cards from your hand and claim them as the cards you should be playing. So long as this card is also played, you have not lied about what you’ve placed.

True or False
If someone calls Bullshit and you told the truth, you shuffle and deal the played cards to each player but yourself. If you lied, then you take everyone’s hands, shuffle them, and deal them out to each player including yourself.


  1. Personally, I'm not a very big fan of games like BS. I always found them to be a bit on the pointless side. I think that your modification of it was in some ways better, in some ways worse. True or false was pretty much a gruesome card and I think that the problem with that is it kept the game from ending for a while. I guess I just wanted it to end because I'm not a huge fan of the game. Some of the cards were pretty interesting, though. They really did mix up the play.

  2. This was a decent attempt at a revision of a very solid card game. A game like BS isn't designed to be anything more than what it is (AKA not be modified).

    Anyhow, this game was a good laugh. It's quite funny to see someone put down eight cards and say "Two aces." Your modification would make a good party game, but as a two player game it could be totally different.

  3. Steven,

    What is the number of Bullshit cards (and other extra cards) in your deck? This could be used to purposefully trick someone into believing they hadn't bullshitted or to bluff their way towards the end. Depending on the number of cards, the ability to bluff or call a bluff would change dramatically.

    How easy was it for players to bullshit in this version? How dangerous was it to call? Also, why do you think some of your playtesters don't like the game?

    Finally - hopefully there are no cards that let you play your entire hand in one turn?

    -Devin Monnens

  4. Having never played Bullshit before (I know, sad!) I had a hard time understanding what it is we were supposed to be doing.

    The power ups were interesting to add, they brought a lot of strange events into the game. I think some of them were over powered however, like making players shuffle all the cards together (even though we did it wrong).