Monday, April 13, 2009

Virus: The Next Strain

Objective: Total infestation.

How to Play:

1. Roll 1d10 to determine who goes first. Lowest roll is the winner. 10/0 on the die counts as a 0.

2. First, take turns placing a single token somewhere on the edge of the board. This is where your virus will grow from. In the case of a two player game, each player will take turns placing two tokens at two different locations on the board’s edge. Initial token placement must be at least 10 squares away from another player’s token, not counting the square the other player is on, or the square you’re placing you token on.

3. Roll 1d10, and count 10/0 as a 0. Whatever number you roll is the amount of spread your virus can do this turn.

4. Place tokens on the board equal in number to the roll you just made. Tokens must extend your current virus, they cannot be placed anywhere that does not connect to tokens already placed by you. In the case of a two player game, a player may place tokens at either starting point, or split the spread between their two tokens. Your virus must also, not cross another players virus. They may touch, but cannot pass. Diagonal token placement is aloud.

5. Once all tokens are placed the player clockwise from you goes next. In the case of a two player game, the other player goes.

How to Win:

Once players can no longer move in a way that would stop the spread of another players virus, or enter a territory begun by another virus, then the game is over, and the person with control of the most board wins. Board control includes anything you’ve boxed in.


  1. Interesting game! Very dice driven. I liked the concept but maybe it'd be a bit more fun if there was more interactivity or strategy, although simplicity is good.

    It'd be nice if the low rollers weren't as screwed.

  2. Steve,

    Dice in a strategy game is an interesting take. This is a bit different from the game where you place six tokens each turn. Did you happen to get documentation of what the board looked like? I don't remember if I snapped a picture of it... What kinds of strategies did you identify and which strategies emerged that your players observed?

    I advise against having one whole team move first. That would give whoever goes first a HUGE advantage. It should either alternate, or first team does not get to go twice during the first turn.

    -Devin Monnens

  3. This game was fun! It was a little crazy, too, with the rolls, the dice could make or break you- if you got a 2, you could pretty much assume you were gunna lose, or if you got a 10, you figure you were pretty much going to win!

    Maybe have a D8 +1 for the roll?

  4. I loved the dice rolls for this game! I think that the 1d10 was the perfect number because it couldn't cross the entire board in one turn, but it also allowed for players to have a lot of options in how pieces were placed to add a nice bit of strategy.

    We of course made the mistake of placing Karl next to Cameron and that just caused one player to go out pretty fast!